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omfg man i rofl everytime i see this movie ;D

Great Job Like In One On Reviews About This Movie
U Should Get A F@# Medal Or Somethin ...
Nothin More To Say :)
Im Just W8in For Other Episodes Of Urs Keep It Goin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 ur work

tip. try make more fight scenes less dialogs ;D

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w00t ;-)

man this game is bouncy ! i love it <3

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Oh My Godness

man u were right about one thing and i mean the tittle :D it was a nightmare ! but in the good meaning od this word heh

minimal ? damn it is so hard ^_^
i prefer some faster tune with more variations anyway this track sounds good i just didnt like the melody synth that enters and go down on the end .. maybe it just need'ed more progressive style or some other effects on it to make it sound better ..

also the sound lvs are 2 big i mean , u should use some compressors and maybe soft clippers :D

i can be wrong since im not listening to this kinda music and it all can be part of this genre..

overall this track is awsome if u listen to it very loud :D i just did it , i think i can have trouble now ... some neighboor knocking to my door must end this review now +)

cyu around

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Awesome review mate, thanks very much. I still havn't seemed to get the hang of the whole compression thing. Really need to work at that.

I suppose this is pretty minimal in consideration to the sort of stuff I listen to myself, although looking back on it, minimal probably wasn't the best terminology.

Like with most techno music, listening it quietly doesn't do it justice so cheers for blasting this one out.

Thanks Again, James


yo extractor here

i just downloaded this track and i must say that i did like it :D ! it sounds like tune from some kind of intro / cutscene from a game or somethin ??

i like the beat - sounds good here on my speekers :P
also synth/pad thing sounds good , but i think u should put somethin more into this track like for example some filter automatons etc .. some wicked sounds ?

for tha! end i just say that this tune - the beginning of it sounds familiar :P! or it is just my imagination ..

keep it up!

cyu around

LfunkeyA responds:

yo thanks extractor. im trying to improve my stuff, slowly.

Lol not bad :S

Man u should finish this track !!!
Normaly i dont listen a heavy metal , but after listening to ur track , i wanted to smash everything in my room ! : ) Nice guitar riffs , awsome drums ,
like for me evrything was / sounds more then okey ;)

5/5 here ;)

Hi ^^

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